Crazyman workshop Tool Review The Air Eraser


How to use and modify the Air Eraser from Harbor Freight.



  1. Hi, Years ago I bought a Paasche air eraser tool with the idea of using it to prepare some small fossils. I tried using baking soda but it immediately glumped up so I figured it wouldn't work and put the tool away and forgot about it. I have been thinking about buying a Swam-Blaster but they are very expensive.

    Found you on You Tube tonight. ABSOLUTELY GREAT IDEA!! I don't have a drill press to hold onto the tube when I unscrew it so I used my cordless drill, chucked the tube in, tightened it and it held the tube firmly while I unscrewed the tube. Worked great and didn't mar the tube.

    So now I am at the point of enlarging the holes by drilling them out. One fellow suggested using a #71 drill (0.28). Do you think that is the size to use? Can I buy a drill that size at the hardware store? If not, where would you buy that size drill? Would you mount the drill in a pin vise and slowly turn it by hand or could you use a Foredom rotary tool to do the drilling or might that be too aggressive and create problems?

    Thanks for any advise you can offer and again, what a GREAT IDEA!!


    Herbert Klug

  2. I have a Paasche Air Eraser that looks just like your HF, only a lot more expensive. After removing the reservoir I removed the venturi tube by chucking it (gently) in my drill press chuck and held the chuck by hand while rotating the tool to loosen the tube. It screws out on mine. Then I used a pin vise and a #71 drill (.028) to open up the three orifices. I'll buy some baking soda tomorrow to see how it works. Thanks for the video. Saved me some bucks!

  3. Do you have to use the hose it comes with? The hose it came with doesn't fit my compressor, but I use my airbrush hose and only air comes out

  4. No i used a pin vise, can't remember what size? Yes I've used it on delicate items on a dash board with out harming the surrounding area! many uses for this tool for sure!

  5. Wow! What a way to learn something new! Lol I've used sand to wear the wood gives a cool effect I love the finish glass bead gives to metal still playing with the soda!

  6. I actually have a blast cabinet and recently converted it! I'm a little slow! Lol I'd like to find a smaller nozzle for it for delicate work! I've been lightly blasting the Hotwheel bodies for a very cool weathered effect! Hey thanks for the wood idea I'l have to give it a try!!!!!

  7. Just watched the air eraser video I like it you could do the wheels maybe I never knew how many cars it takes to find the perfect wheel combo

  8. No it's for super fine work, I use it for restoring automotive emblems to like new condition.
    It actually polishes the chrome! I have a regular blast cabinet i use as well, i use glass bead for a nice matte finish, walnut shells for non-destructive blasting, and a product called green diamond for heavy rust removal, it's very aggressive.