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Hey this is Dave, now query is, how a great deal paint do you will need?

This Regal pick for instance, four hundred to 450 sq. toes. Okay so you could measure your area, you know 10 toes superior, overestimate, forty toes all around, and your heading to get your four hundred sq. toes. Nevertheless, your walls may well be pretty dry, it will suck in the paint. You may well will need a minimal bit extra than that.

Now, were not incidentally pre-priming the wall with a precise primer for the reason that this is a primer, paint and primer in just one. Alright. A superior conclusion contractor may well be thoroughly priming a wall, if he experienced skin coated. But if you want to get the occupation carried out, and your utilizing a modern h2o centered self priming paint, which most of them are now, your not heading to be pre-priming the wall. Your heading to be putting the paint straight on. So occasionally this four hundred sq. toes is an underestimation. You may well as properly consider a typical area, a bed room from medium dimensions to somewhat more substantial, two gallons of paint. And once again on your walls, matte, eggshell.

A ceiling is typically heading to be the similar colour throughout an condominium. So you may well consider a few gallons of a flat paint for your ceiling to deal with a typical just one bed room condominium.

For your semi-gloss, just one gallon may well be sufficient to do all your doors, baseboard and trim in a just one bed room condominium. So we have just one gallon for your trim, woodwork, baseboard. And we have a few gallons for your ceiling, and two gallons for a typical sized area.

An entryway or a hallway, you may well get away with just one gallon. A big residing area, eating area space variable in maybe a few gallons. That must get you began in paint quantities, you do not want to have to make more trips. Get it all at at the time.



  1. I'm about to make my third trip to buy more paint for my room. I started out with 1/2 gallon of blue for my ceiling but needed a second and I started out with a gallon for my walls but need 1/2 gallon more. This room is 8 by 8 with a 10 ft. high ceiling. I wish I would have watched your video before I ever got started.

  2. that dude is so off on average 2 gallons will cover 3 rooms 1 gallon of trim covering two rooms

  3. Regal DOES need a primer, stop talking bull. If it was Aura, yes, you would paint without primer, but with Regal you put 1 coat of 181 super spec, then apply Regal. If you put Regal on a wall like that, it will come off. Dont listen to this guy, ALWAYS buy a primer, no matter what. People also use it with Aura too, it's much safer. Primers are cheap, so you dont need to be too.

  4. Actually, it's easy. With a normal water based paint you will need about 1l/ 10 square meters. You will probably do it twice to level up the paint, so make it 1l/5 square meters (i do it in meters cuz i am european). So you measure your wall: lenght x hight = square meters. Lenght 4 meters x hight 2.5 meters = 10 square meters. So you need 2l to paint it twice. (don't paint it once, unless it's a mild color and your wall is prepped right). You will also need a primer, wich is also 1l/10 square meters. So for that wall you need 1l of primer and 2l of paint. Easy, ha? 🙂