Flip Open Leather card Case Tutorial by Fischer Workshops


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Description – My aim with this task and design was to occur up with a really helpful and excellent merchandise that is lavish, authentic, and exciting. This item is developed so robust it should previous a number of lifetimes provided you hold absent from fireplace and h2o. The D-ring loop can also be changed should it have to have to be more than time and the magnetic lock retains it securely closed and effortless to access. The most important challenge to generating this task is assuring you have the ideal tools. This kind of as the drill press I use in the video. There is just not a chisel designed to punch by that much leather-based. You may be able to use a stitching axe to pierce the leather-based, but the hole will not be evenly space on the opposite side. My dremel, workstation, and flex shaft price tag me about $150 all together. I am positive there are also other alternatives to produce the same results with other tools, but I am individually incredibly happy with the overall performance of the workstation I use in the video. To do this task with the sum of element that I use in this video will consider you a comprehensive day to full. (About six-eight several hours).

A couple of assessments –
Very elegant and strong! (B.W.)
Wow this is an incredible grasp piece! (J.R.)
One of a kind design and reliable design. I would hope practically nothing a lot less from you! Cheers brother (C.L)
Chris, it looks so high-stop, beautiful perform! (C.W.)

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  1. Love the content hate the subtitles and your intro is way to long I would have subscribed except for those annoying issues

  2. Great tutorial (except for the music near the end). What specific model#/size is your Dremel? I need to add that set up to my Christmas wish list. Thanks. Keep up the great work! 🙂